Help & FAQ

Our commitment to you:

  • When you purchase any item from us, you help feed and educate children. 
  • Hard-working men and women in Uganda make each of the handcrafted items you'll find on our site. We desire to empower them in their craft and pay them a fair wage. Your partnership makes this possible in providing a lasting impact and opportunity for them.
  • Every handcrafted item we sell is unique. Because of that, your product may vary slightly from the photographs on this website. We accept exchanges and returns from any customer who is not fully satisfied.

Quick Facts:

  • Rev. Moses Mbuga Ssemanda founded Imani Milele Children Inc. in 1989. 
  • The organization, based out of Kampala, Uganda, with a 501 (c)(3) registered office in Sebastian, FL, helps rescue, educate and develop the orphaned and vulnerable children of Uganda through God's love.


Here are some FAQs we hope will anticipate some of your questions, but if you have any other questions, please reach out to us.

Why do my items look different than the images I see on the website?
Your items may vary from the photographs on this website because each of them is uniquely handcrafted. In case you are not fully satisfied, we will accept exchanges and returns.

How long will it take for me to receive my order?
We ship orders within two business days. It may take anywhere from 2-4 business days for delivery within the Continental U.S. For any further questions regarding your order, kindly reach out to us at (772) 453-8127.

Can I make a bulk purchase?
We can make this possible for some products! We invite you to contact us for a custom order.


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