Imani Milele Choir - I worship The King Music CD

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12 Music tracks:

1. I Worship The King.    2. Stand As One.                    3. Nazuukuse (I arose)

4. I'll Be There.               5. Dreaming Of A City.           6. I Need You

7. Something Happens. 8. Rock Of Ages.                    9. Akyusa (He Transforms)

10. I am Stronger.          11. Amazing Grace                12. Draw The Circle Wide

About the Choir:

Imani Milele Choir is comprised of children and youths, all beneficiaries of the Imani Milele Children Organisation. The choir boasts of an incredible cast of fresh, raw talent of boys and girls all around from Uganda - Africa. They are identified, handpicked, and trained for more than a year to develop into an amazing young ensemble. 

Since 2013, different groups of the choir have been honored to hold concerts in various cities across the US - in churches, schools, and festivals; treating audiences to fun-filled, culturally unique, interactive, and inspirational concerts.