Animal Drinking Fruit Bowl - African Print Pattern

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Approximate Diameter Sizes: Medium - 6 inches, Small - 5 inches

A selection of African Animal fruit bowls that have been carved out of wood has various African animals attached to the bowl. The hand-carved bowls and African animals have been carved out of a single solid piece of wood at the same time. Not glued - as one piece! The African wooden animal fruit drinking bowl can be found with animals such as Zebra, Giraffe, Elephant, and Leopard and carved either in the Style of a round bowl or an African map.

The bowl size are about 5-6 inches in diameter (bowl size only and not the animal's size) and has traditional African patterns placed all over the fruit bowl. The wood used may vary and these bowls can be used for snack and fruit displays. 

This bowl provides employment to the underprivileged men and women in Uganda as well as transforming the lives of Uganda's orphaned and vulnerable children. This communicates God's amazing grace and kindness.